Leaves' Eyes
Style: Gothic Rock/Metal
Release date: August 31st 2009

’Njord’ is the title of the brand new album from LEAVES’ EYES and sadly a disappointment in my book. Not even after numerous listens... and I mean NUMEROUS listens I’m still caught between heaven and hell when it comes to their music.


I bought their 2005 release ‘Vinland Saga’ only to get my hands on the fantastic song “Elegy” but most of the other tracks were too slow for my taste. And that’s exactly the very same problem I have with ‘Njord’.


Don’t get me wrong, because I really dig Symphonic Gothic Rock music, but LEAVES’ EYE are simply too slow. Every single track is well-crafted and bombastic but lacks power. Almost every single track is done in the same tempo and is on the same level. Nothing except for a few riffs and melody lines REALLY stands out.


Too me it’s music for a special mood. I do like some of the tracks especially this time of year when the days are getting shorter and shorter and I find myself surrounded by darkness most of the day... but I still miss something. POWER.


‘Njord’ is another journey through the myths and sagas of the north and orchestral passages are all over this album... and so is the beautiful voice of Liv Kristine. Her voice is almost outstanding. I really dig her voice. I really do.


Another thing that bothers me is that my promo-CD is packed with voice-overs and that really doesn’t help the band. But I understand the record company. Some reviewers tend to upload the music on the internet... and that’s inexcusable.


All in all an okay album from LEAVES’ EYES... but as written above; I miss POWER.


01. Njord

02. My Destiny

03. Emerald Island

04. Take The Devil In Me

05. Scarborough Fair

06. Through Our Veins

07. Irish Rain

08. Northwind

09. Ragnarok

10. Morgenland

11. The Holy Bond

12. Frøya's Theme

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 56/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: October 11th 2009
Website: www.leaveseyes.com