Lazarus A.D.
The Onslaught
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: March 2nd 2009

GODDAMMIT I did not see this one coming. Metal Blade Records have signed an American band called LAZARUS A.D. that very well could change the world of metal as we know it. With the right promotion and a little help from fellow thrashers this band will be catapulted into the premier league of thrash metal in no time... if there’s any justice to be found in this world.


‘The Onslaught’ is the title of this... ahem... awesome onslaught of pure thrash metal that will make your rectum collapse. GODDAMMIT... there are 10 tracks to be found on my promo CD and not ONE single filler. Every single track here is a winner. Every single fucking track will make you headbang like crazy, because every fucking track contains awesome riffs and superb drumming angry vocals and quite good leads... you better believe it.


At the moment the thrash metal scene is being bombarded with all that boring ‘core’ stuff, but don’t worry... LAZARUS A.D. are just good old fashioned thrash the way most of us like it. Just think of a mix between EXODUS and TESTAMENT and I’m sure that you’re drooling right now, right? Track after track will kick the living shit out of you and the more established bands could very well be blown away by this band because ‘The Onslaught’ is a battering ram of aggression and yet very “catchy” and memorable.


GODDAMMIT I did not see this one coming. I just can’t stop listening to this release. Every time the CD is done I simply press play again. I’m not sure if they can top this on their next release??? Well... time will show.


The production done by no other than James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Testament) is excellent. Crystal clear and powerful.


‘The Onslaught’ is an essential purchase. So order your copy right fucking now! 

01. Last Breath
02. Thou Shall Not Fear
03. Damnation For The Weak
04. Absolute Power
05. Revolution
06. Rebirth
07. Lust
08. Forged In Blood
09. Every Word Unheard
10. Who I Really Am
Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 5th 2009