Lay Down Rotten
Gospel of the Wretched
Style: Death Metal
Release date: May 11th 2009

’Gospel of the Wretched’ is the title of the latest album by German death metallers LAY DOWN ROTTEN and a must buy.


The music on this album is breathtaking to put it simple. LAY DOWN ROTTEN really knows how to write catchy yet both heavy and groovy riffs peppered with awesome growls and drums patterns that will make you jump up and down in pure excitement.


Track after track will punch you in your stomach and make your turn your head and make you wonder how they fucking do it. Their thrashy death metal is up there with the very best in this genre...I can assure you about that. Shifting between fast and brutal death metal and slower more groovy metal without losing their focus is quite impressive. Every single song on ’Gospel of the Wretched’ has something to offer and the more you listen to this release, the more you’ll like it.


Well... even the production is excellent so if you decide to buy only one death metal CD this month, be sure that this is the one.


Good buy :)

01. Hours Of Infinity
02. Thy Won't Be Done
03. Where Spirits Lie Dead
04. Altering the Whore
05. Conditioning the Weak
06. He Who Sows Hate
07. Beyond Damnation
08. When All Becomes Nothing
09. Gospel of the Wretched
Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 15th 2008