Kip Winger
From the Moon to the Sun
Style: Hard Rock/AOR
Release date: May 9th 2008

If you know Kip Winger already, I don’t suppose you’re in for the biggest surprises with this album; this is well-produced, well played and radio orientated hard rock, and in the right spirit of modern demands there has been added some strings to some of the numbers. But the well known formula works, and thereby also the album in general.

Stylisticly K.W. moves from something similar to the old Winger-band on Pull (all though there’s very little of that), to something that could have been written by the Beatles or as a soundtrack for a movie. On top of that he still cooperates with Cenk Eroglu, which gives some of the tracks a bit of a middle-eastern sound and feel.

Kip Winger is a great singer, no doubt about that, and he has done a very beautiful album with this one, but in almost all tracks, he has slowed down considerably from what I know him the most for. What once was a single or two tracks of leaned back and melodic “weepers” on an album of hard rock, has now become the major part on this solo-album. Considering this,  I actually don’t think very much of this album belongs on a  website dedicated to metal, ‘cause this is more epic pop-rock than metal

If you’re into the slow epic tracks of the lighter metal albums, this surely is something for you. I had preferred some more power and a faster pace sometimes. There’s sort of an unrelieved tension throughout most of the album, but if you need something to relax to or a “soundtrack” to wondering what life’s all about, you might find this one useful.

…and my God how I hate these damn voice-overs!!! ..and a note for the record company: If you have to put those irritating voice-overs on your albums, please at least get someone to do it, who speaks a proper English without an annoying italian accent (no offence to our Italian fellow brothers and sisters, but this guys English hurts my ears!).


Every Story Told




Where Will You Go


Pages And Pages




In Your Eyes Another Life






What We Are


One Big Game




Reason To Believe


Monster (European bonus track)

Label: Frontiers Records
Promotion: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: April 11th 2009
Website: Kip Winger @ MySpace