Night is the New Day
Style: Dark, Atmospheric Progressive Metal
Release date: November 2nd 2009

The tone and atmosphere is set from the word go, and Katatonia takes us deep into the cold and dark corners of your soul, establishing a sonic universe of melancholy. They waltz between progressive, folk, dark and doomy moments, never taking a false step, missing a beat or tripping over.

"Night is the New Day" is an introvert journey of moods, soundscapes and colours; from the blissful highs to dark and cold despairing lows. It rips your intestines out, demands you to look at the ugliness of it all and deal with it. Jonas Renkse's haunting voice portrays these emotions and colours in such impressive way that this can only be considered as the vocal performance of 2009.

"Night is the New Day" takes Katatonia to a whole new level, and I haven't heard an equally impressive album with the same ambient, dark and atmospheric soundscapes for a long while. Last time was when their fellow countrymen Opeth released their black and white albums "Deliverance" (2002) and "Damnation" (2003), albums "Night is the New Day" has some strong parallels with. Another brilliant band that rears its ugly head is Blackfield, but Katatonia comes across heavier and darker.

Given the dark and depressive nature of the songs this should be a gloomy and melancholic experience, but it has had a cleansing and almost therapeutic effect on me; it actually makes me happy...

Like Peter would say: "I did not see this one coming", and I must admit that this album has made a very, very strong impression on me, and I can't stop listening to it and it does put a big smile on my face.

Biggest surprise this year!

01. Forsaker
02. The Longest Year
03. Idle Blood
04. Onward into Battle
05. Liberation
06. The Promise of Deceit
07. Nephilim
08. New Night
09. Inheritance
10. Day & Then the Shade
11. Departer
Label: Peaceville Records
Promotion: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: November 11th 2009
Website: www.katatonia.com