Jeff Scott Soto
One Night in Madrid
Style: Melodic Rock
Release date: December 4th 2009

Jeff Scott Soto’s (TALISMAN, JOURNEY, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, W.E.T.) live performance is a wonderful journey through his awesome career. “One Night in Madrid” includes two CDs with 22 magnificent tracks. At a brilliant show Jeff Scott Soto shares the stage with Jorge Salan, BJ, Fernando Mainer and Edu Cominato. This performance will take you by elemental force of a hard rock blizzard!


Its magnetic power starts to spread from the opening intro and the absolute hit “21st Century” from “Beautiful Mess”. It burst out in the rock ‘n’ roll of TALISMAN “Colour My XTC”. Then we go through Jeff’s solo albums with “Soul Divine” from his 3rd studio album “Lost in the Translation” and “Our Song” from “Beautiful Mess”, released the previous year. The next song “Drowning” is again from “Lost in the Translation”. Afterwards we sink in the depths of rhythm with the exciting short drum solo of the magician Edu Cominato who joined Jeff Scott Soto solo band for the “Beautiful Mess World Tour 2009”. Then a different kind of expression appears with “Funky Jam”. A string passion follows - Jorge's Guitar Solo. With the exception of the beautiful “Eyes of Love” from the “Prism” album, the next songs are from Jeff’s “Beautiful Mess”. The first CD leaves us in silence with deep empathy and delight from the solo path of this excellent artist.


The second CD begins with “Hey” again from the easy recognizable coloured mess. We listen to the great performed Jeff’s CD singles with TALISMAN from 1995 &. 1998: “Frozen / Crazy” and freeze in the ocean of “Piano Medley: If This Is the End / Holding On / Nobody Said It Was Easy / 4 U / Just between Us”. Till now all the necessary ingredients of a Soto show are represented. The unstoppable energy of this performance finds a port for some rest in the Piano Medley. The audience sings with Jeff these tunes coming from the hidden parts of their hearts. Then the fire-passionate song “Gin & Tonic Sky” from the “Beautiful Mess” unites the souls. JSS/Jorge Workshop sweeps over the crowd with vocals and guitar mastery till the long-yarned “I'll be Waiting” from TALISMAN. The encore logically ends this enchanting night with “Stand Up” and the “Funky Medley”.


The phenomenal voice - Jeff is a performer in soul and many stages have been honoured with his presence. Rock and blues are melting successfully in his expression. Queen, Prince and Sam Cooke are names which influences we may perceive. JSS brings joy to his old fans as well as to his new ones with this “Beautiful Mess” of genders at a magic night in Madrid. A brilliant live album - the choice is yours!


01. Intro
02. 21st Century
03. Colour My XTC
04. Soul Divine
05. Our Song
06. Drowning
07. Edu Drum Solo
08. Funky Jam
09. Jorge Guitar Solo
10. Mountain
11. Eyes Of Love

12. Testify
13. Band Introductions
14. Broken Man

01. Hey
02. Frozen / Crazy
03. Piano Medley: If This Is The End / Holding On / Nobody Said It Was Easy / 4 U / Just Between Us
04. Gin & Tonic Sky
05. JSS/Jorge Workshop
06. I'll Be Waiting

07. Stand Up
08. Funky Medley: We Will Rock You / I Love Rock & Roll / Play That Funky Music / Jungle Boogie / The Roof Is On Fire / Brick House / Shake Your Booty / Kung Fu Fighting / Yo Baby Yo / Macho Man / The Right Stuff / Ice Ice Baby / Stayin' Alive / Another One Bites The Dust / Walk This Way

Label: Frontiers Records
Promotion: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: November 19th 2009