Grotesque New World
Style: Grind/deathcore
Release date: November 21st 2008

Yes, I agree, with such a band name I want to step back and get away as far as possible. I don't want to be linked to it and certainly don't want to wear a T-shirt with their name on it. Personally I want to know why a band chooses such a controversial name. It will not open doors and that is a big handicap for them, because there is nothing wrong with their musical performance.

This band from Austria opens with "Grotesque New World" a song that runs over you like a train. Their Death/Grind Core is overwhelming. Since the album 'Harvest Ritual' by Necrophagia I haven't heard such splendid heavy riffs. Add blastbeats, screams, grunts and even some pigsqueels and you get the idea. Normally this style is not my thing, but the monstrous guitarriffs in songs such as "Skinstripped", "Dead Flesh Rising" and " Mindcrash" are not from this world. Immolation is also a band that enters my mind now and then.

In it's genre this is a top release and every grind/deathcore fan should at least have tried this. The only thing the band has to do I think, is to choose a new name. Skinstripped or even better, GraveRiffer should cover the contents.

01. Grotesque New World
02. Skinstripped
03. 1-800 Kill Yourself
04. Bloodcore
05. Dead Flesh Rising
06. Nonhuman Hybrid Level
07. Mindcrash
08. Neo Sodom
09. Lay Down Broken
10. Subconscious Demise
11. Skinstripped (video)
12. 100 % Underground (video)
Label: Mad Lion Records
Promotion: Mad Lion Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: April 13th 2009