Style: Melodic Progressive Rock
Release date: March 20th 2008

Invisigoth consists of just two members: Viggo Domino doing all vocals and Cage doing everything else, meaning all instruments. Itís really impressive, and sometimes unbelievable, that this is done by just two guys, and not a whole band.

The band did another album before this, Alcoholocaust, but unfortunately Iím not familiar with that one, so I have to judge it from whatís on this one only. From what Iíve read elsewhere, I think I have to pick up their first album, when I get the chance, since itís supposed to be more metallic than this one.

Itís not that easy to describe this album, quite a number of different bands (and styles) came to mind as reference when I listened to it; progrock with such different sounds as Alan Parsonís Project, Genesis/Peter Gabriel, It Bites and Kingís X, and furthermore touches of ambient metal, jazz, funk, pop and middle-eastern music Ė quite a mix.

There are very interesting compositions too, a possible description for the most parts could be sound-landscapes changing between the epic and the atmospheric. From my point of view itís surely in the slower and melodic parts that the music and the vocals are the strongest and holds my favourite moments of the album.

The total playing time of the album is around seventy minutes, and though enjoying the music most of the way, I have to say it gets a little too long, also because the tempo or pace of the songs are a little too alike and held-back/suppressed in the long run for my taste Ė I missed some release or shifts in the music to ďbe able to breatheĒ so to speak.

So to sum it up; a good album, but definitely something you have to listen more carefully to (maybe in headphones, as recommended by Cage himself), and maybe in smaller bits than the whole album at once Ė except if youíre into transcending experiences.


Dark Highway Pt. 1: Transmission


Dark Highway Pt. 2: Before First Light


Shine On


Scars And Dust






A Beautiful Disaster


Dark Highway Pt. 3: New Rome


Dark Highway Pt. 4: Take The Blood

Label: ProgRock Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: April 8th 2009
Website: Invisigoth @ MySpace