Across the Dark
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Release date: September 2nd 2009

Across the dark was released at the very beginning of September, opening the fall in the North, and it might well be the record that will suit the beginning season the best.

Thoughts of nostalgy are provoked forth, haunting and insistent, with remnants of Amorphis especially in "The harrowing Years", or sometimes of Green Carnation. In spite of some close similarities to known bands, Insomnium's fourth record is nice to listen to again and again, though not without getting somnolent, as if surrounded by a thick, claustrophobia engendering fog. This must be again the effect of the great sound.

In the context of Insomnium's career, Across the dark represents a piece of daring music, as the band is growing to establish their style and experiment more, with a progressive touch, through more epic keyboards and great clean vocals.

Personal favourites: "The harrowing Years" and "The Lay of Autumn", "Weighed down with Sorrow", for the folk inspiration in their tones.

Across the dark: isn't this a quite optimistic title? For you sullen souls of the fall, this should be the right remedy.


01. Equivalence
02. Down with the Sun
03. Where the last Wave broke
04. The harrowing Years
05. Against the Stream
06. The Lay of Autumn
07. Into the Woods
08. Weighed down with Sorrow

Label: Candlelight Records
Promotion: Plastic Head Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: September 19th 2009