Style: Progressive, experimental and much more
Release date: July 27th 2009

You need sometimes to be in a very positive musical mood to apprehend and enjoy some creative bands, to be ready for a journey through different harmonies, even the genres you like almost never involve easy listening stuff.


Recent examples are coming to my mind in a very subjective way: Between the Buried & Me ”Colors”, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum ”In Glorious Times”, the magnificent and well named ”Unorthodox Creative Criteria” by the strange named Coprofago, and last but not the least, each note from Ephel Duath. Please welcome now in this kind of club: Indukti and its ”Idmen”.


After a first self-released effort, ”S.U.S.A.R.” (2005), InsideOut had the excellent idea to sign Indukti. The German music label describes the Polish quintet’s music as a mix of prog rock, heavy metal, pop, avant-garde, classical, world music and ethnic: that sounds just about right.


Trumpet, sax, dulcimer and other instruments give a nice plus to the backbone you already have here with guitar, bass, drums and violin. Then the addition of three guest singers brings cool to tough textures. One of these vocalists is member of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.


The music is ethereal and suddenly oppressive. The eight songs are telluric then atmospheric and vice versa. You want quiet for soul and earthquakes: you get both. And guess what: it works! It is perhaps better to be in the mood I was talking about, but listen to ”Idmen” three or four times and you will start to really travel through it. Get prepared to be addicted!


01. Sansara

02. Tusan Homichi Tuvota

03. Sunken Bell

04. ...And Who's The God Now?!

05. Indukted

06. Aemaet

07. Nemesis Voices

08. Ninth Wave

Label: InsideOut/SPV
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Philippe Leconte
Date: July 22nd 2009