In Grief
Deserted Soul
Style: Progressive Death/Doom/Black
Release date: April 7th 2009

Hailing from the cold north of Norway, In Grief throws their first album out on the metal market. With only 7 songs, but with a playing time of nearly 50 minutes you get worth your money. The band uses elements of death metal and black metal, but also creates lots of atmosphere in well structured darkened, doomy and melodic songs. They combine low grunting vocals, crushing guitars, strange synths and some clean singing parts.

In Grief started early 2008 and they show that they are very talented. They are capable of writing beautiful compositions with nice melodies that have resemblances with bands such as Novembers Doom, some Paradise Lost and even Opeth. Of course they can't compete with Opeth yet, but fans of the band should have no problems with In Grief either.

A very inventive, creative, atmospheric and impressive debut.

01. Darkening Horizons
02. I Am
03. Invited War
04. Modern Truth
05. Deserted Soul
06. In the End
07. Weak
Label: Bombworks Records
Provided by: ArtistworXX
Distribution: Twilight
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: July 6th 2009