Death Domination
Style: Death Metal
Release date: November 20th 2009

Impious has been a known name in the Swedish death metal circuit ever since the early 90's. Unfortunately for them, they never got the status of for example In Flames or Entombed. The reason for that I don't exactly know, but perhaps it is because they are not really melodic death and they don't belong to the very brutal bands either but ends up somewhere in between.


On the internet Valle (guitar) says that this is Impious's 'Reign in Blood'. I wouldn't go that far, yes the length of the record is about the same; short and brutal. Musically this CD is faster and more brutal than predecessor 'Holy Murder Masquerade'. The first tracks are very fast and the tempo is not getting slower until the fourth track "And the Empire Shall Fall". This song varies from slower, rather epic into fast and brutal passages. After that we get "Dead Awakening", the beginning of this song even reminds of Morbid Angel. Besides brutal, melodic death, some thrash there is even some metalcore in the song "As Death Lives in Me" available on this album. The only thing that is a bit irritating on this album are the drums, Mikael leaves no spot empty and some songs sound a bit nervous. 


Again I don't think they will push through to the top in the deathmetal genre, but they have once more made a very good album. I wouldn't call it a new 'Reign in Blood', but it is a very decent and welcome album. Fans of their early albums and The Crown lovers should check this out. Recommended.


01. Abomination Glorified 2:29

02. The Damned 2:55

03. I Am the King 3:07

04. And the Empire Shall Fall 5:30

05. Dead Awakening 3:33

06. Hate Killing Project 3:34

07. Rostov Ripper 4:23

08. Legions 3:09

09. As Death Lives in Me 4:18

10. Irreligious State of War 3:12

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: November 15th 2009