To Those Who Walk Behind Us
Style: Death Metal
Release date: August 28th 2009

New material from Denmark’s finest death metal crew is always welcome in the ear phones of yours truly. But regular readers of this site would have noticed, I reckon. More than one of Illdisposed’s releases have ended up in the album of the month list on The Power of since the band begot the masterpiece ‘1-800 Vindication’ a few years back.


Since said album, the band has represented the very essence of solidness and heaviness with changing degrees of melody involved.


‘To Those Who Walk Behind Us’ brings back the melody in Illdisposed after the more straight-forward ‘The Prestige’ from last year. Song-writer Jakob Batten has allowed more room for the guitars and has managed to churn out masses of melody along with the characteristicly chugging Illdisposed groove. I will go as far as claiming that there are even beautiful, bordering on the melancholy riffs on this album!


A touch of keyboards adds to the melody here and there as well as a few powerful subsonic blasts to underline the heaviness of an already heavy sound.


Recommended? Everything, really, but if you need a reference try the opener Blood on your Parade, To Those Who Walk Behind Me, the up-beat Seeking Truth Telling Lies, My Number is Expired or how about the slightly twisted version of the Fine Young Cannibals 80s hit Johnny Come Home!


01. Blood on your parade 4:18
02. For the record 3:15
03. Come and get me 4:11
04. Seeking truth- telling lies 3:44
05. Sale at the misery factory 4:31
06. To those who walk behind us 4:05
07. If all the world... 4:22
08. My number is expired 3:46
09. Johnny 4:15
10. This unscheduled moment 3:43
11. Nu gik det lige sa godt 3:59 

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: August 16th 2009