1-800 Vindication (re-release)
Burn Me Wicked (re-release)
Style: Death Metal
Release date: August 28th 2009

I’ve been a fan of Illdisposed since the release of their 1993 debut, ‘Four Depressive Seasons’.

From the outset, the Danes had a unique style and sound and they never lost that. That said, there wasn’t much development to be found from their first album and roughly a decade ahead.


‘1-800 Vindication’ changed that with a blow.

This album marked a leap into the major league for Illdisposed. Their creative fusion of pop/prog/programming into their hard-as-bones Gothenburg inspired death metal made a remarkable difference from their previous albums.


I stamped a 100/100 rating on the album back then, perhaps primarily out of sheer surprise that Illdisposed had become THAT good.

But you know what? I listen to ‘1-800 Vindication’ at regular intervals, and I still think it’s one of the best death metal albums around – the 100/100 rating is deserved.


‘Burn Me Wicked’ played along on the same chords as its predecessor, although in a slightly darker fashion. The element of surprise had gone, thus the album ‘only’ owed a 95/100 rating from yours truly – but the quality was still fantastic. A groove monster, brutal and still so terribly Illdisposed. This one also belongs to my all-time favourites among death metal albums.


You could wonder why these albums have been re-released so soon after their original release (2004 and 2006 respectively). Me too. But apparently the Roadracer stock is sold out and Massacre Records has decided to release these two phenomenal albums worldwide parallel with the release of Illdisposed’s highly anticipated new album, ‘To Those Who Wander Behind Us’ (street date: August 28th).


Each of the re-releases have been adorned with two live tracks (Near the Gates/Ich Bin Verloren in Berlin on ‘1-800 Vindication’ and Dark/Weak is Your God on ‘Burn Me Wicked’). To be honest, the live tracks are not supreme quality in terms of the recording, but they certainly give you an idea how heavy Illdisposed are when they’re unleashed upon a live audience.

Recommended for any death metal fan who doesn't already have these albums.


01. I Believe in Me
02. Dark
03. Now We're History
04. When You Scream
05. Jeff
06. In Search of Souls
07. Still Sane
08. You Against the World
09. No More Time
10. The Final Step
11. Near the Gates (live)
12. Ich Bin Verloren in Berlin (live)

01. Shine Crazy
02. Case of the Late Pig
03. Back to the Streets
04. Our Heroin Recess
05. Throw Your Bolts
06. Burn Me Wicked
07. Fear the Gates
08. Slave
09. Nothing to Fear...Do It
10. The Widow Black
11. Illdispunk'd
12. Dark (live)
13. Weak is Your God (live)

Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: July 19th 2009