Morbide Elite
Style: Black Metal
Release date: November 1st 2009

This evil trollish black metal band hails from Flanders, Belgium. All the lyrics and song titles are in Dutch and for all that are not familiar with the language it will not mean a thing to you. As a Dutchman I can say that they deal with corpses, graves, hate and medieval sickness. You will also find a lot of humour in the lyrics and titles. Fortunately it is no problem at all that the lyrics are not in English because as usual in the genre you can hardly understand the sounds and evil inhuman vocals of front man Drang. If you don't know the songs are in Dutch, you won't hear it.


After the intro the black metal breaks lose. The first band I have to think of is Dark Throne and then especially their album 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky', but with a better production. The fast riffs, the inhuman sick vocal sounds are guilty of that. But, there is more. Fortunately Huldrefolk is not raging song after song in the same fast tempo. Normally that is the biggest problem I have with black metal; the little difference between the songs. Often the songs have more mid-tempo parts and there is enough variety between the different tracks. Also the guitar parts have some melody-lines in them, which make the songs less tedious.


Another thing I always hate about some black metal albums is the production, there are bands that still think they only are 'true' if they sound as if the album is recorded in a tomb by some deaf-mute zombies. Not Huldrefolk, on this album the production is good enough. The tight pounding and good sounding drums are an example of that.


Fans of Dark Throne, Gorgoroth, Burzum, Marduk and perhaps even Immortal (just listen to the song "Beschimpt") should certainly get their hands on this album. I enjoyed it, not even being a big black metal fan. Missie geslaagd!


01. Lijkenkarren

02. Koudvuurhaard

03. Kauwakkers

04. Rotkreupel

05. Wevenaar van Lijkenwaden

06. Ravenkringen

07. Beschimpt

08. Haatkiemen

09. Grafhaatschrift

10. Klaagzang der Flagenllant

Label: Iron Age Records
Distribution: Code 7
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: November 11th 2009