Holy Cross
Under the Flag
Style: Power Metal
Release date: September 26th 2009

"Under the Flag" is the debut album from France's Holy Cross, they were formed in 2006 and the same year they released a self-titled demo CD with four songs, those four songs are also on this album.


The music played by Holy Cross is about 90% power metal and 10% US metal. The sound is very old school. The five guys in Holy Cross are great musicians and have delivered a good album that could appeal to a lot of people.


My personal favourites from the album are "Return to Asgard" just epic, "Hel the Damned" a melodic masterpiece, "The Last Survivors" old school speed metal with raw vocals.


There is a couple of tracks that can't keep up with the 3 impressive tracks I just mentioned, and then there is "Twilight of the Gods" which is just a terrible song that reminds me of HammerFall's "Hearts on Fire".


"Under the Flag" is a good and solid debut and I hope to hear more great power metal from Holy Cross in the future.


01. King in Hell

02. Iron Horse

03. Lightning from the North

04. Gates of Time

05. The Fortress of Asgard

06. Return to Asgard

07. Twilight of the gods

08. Hel the Damned

09. The Last Survivors

10. Holy Cross

Label: Pure Steel Records
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: November 25th 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/holycrossmetal