The Death of the Artists
Style: Power Metal
Release date: November 25th 2009

I’ve had a soft spot for this Italian power metal band called HIGHLORD ever since I heard a track called “Scarlet Tears”  from their 2004 release ‘Medusa’s Coil’. So therefore I was quite curious to hear what they could come up with on their latest album entitled ‘The Death of the Artists’... and I’m not disappointed at all.


First of all I have to tip my hat to band-leader and guitarist Stefano Droetto (FAMOUS X) for doing his best at keeping this band alive and well. Stefano have written every note on this release and together with singer Andrea Marchisio (THE WARNIPPLES, 80’s ROCK STARZ and ex-DESDEMONA) he is also responsible for the lyrics.


We get 9 tracks of a mix between melodic metal and up-tempo power metal in the same vein as HELLOWEEN, STRATOVARIUS, LABYRINTH (among others) but HIGHLORD has manage to sound as themselves and you recognize the band as soon as the very first track blows out of your speakers.


A few of the songs do need a few spins to blossom... however most of them will hit you right away... mostly because of the catchy choruses. It’s kinda hard for me to name any standout tracks, because I love every single track on this release. But maybe songs like; “Every Thrash of Me”, “Canticle of the Flesh”  and the very catchy “Dance in a Flame”  are a bit catchier than the rest.


But I also have to mention the fantastic title track “The Death of the Artist. This track reminds me very much of SYMPHONY X. This song is a winner, boys and girls.


The production done by the band is also top notch, so there are no excuses not to check this album out if melodic power metal is your thing.


Thumps up!


01. Simple Man

02. Every Thrash of Me

03. Canticle of the Flesh

04. It Takes Some Passion

05. The Death of the Artists

06. Dance in a Flame

07. The Scream

08. Slave to Darkness (Cursed by Love)

09. A Queen in my Pocket

Label: Scarlet Records
Provided by: Highlord
Artwork rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: December 18th 2009
Website: www.highlord.it