Havana Heat Club
Specially Made for Your Satisfaction
Style: Melodic PunkRock ’n’ roll/Stoner Rock
Release date: November 14th 2008

What would you expect from a band with this name? Rock with some southamerican rhythms – I did, and was very wrong! This is punky rock’n’roll of the best kind, with melody, catchy riffs and lyrics, and good composition.

And then they’re from Berlin, founded in 2000, and named after some super-8 porn of the 70s!

This is their second album, and I’m sure I’ll have to check out their first, and hope it holds the standard of this one. Hard, pumping, filthy and aggressive like the older Motörhead (singer Johannes Gotaut also sound a bit like Lemmy), this is a pure energyburst, that just takes me along. And riffs and choruses from numbers like Dance In The Darkness and Mr. Paul (and more) just keep hangin’ in my ears, even after the album is over – a sure mark of quality in this genre I think.

Their live performances, with names like Zodiac Mindwarp, Bones and Rose Gluecifer to name a few, should be dynamicly sweeping, and that I can easily imagine – I’m sure they kick ass live, and they have the material to do it. I’ll keep an eye of for a possibility to catch them live somewhere, that’s for sure.

The album is recorded by Harris Johns, so the technical side of the sound is under control.

If you, like me, like Motörhead and Stoner Rock/metal, this is a must to hear, and probably to own as well.



Get Up!


Disillusioned With An Easy Mind


Dance In The darkness




Mr. Paul




No Difference


Welcome To The World


Dealin With Demons


Question Of Dose


Down The Floor

Label: Nice Boyz/SAOL/H’art Records
Distribution: Cmm gmbh
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: October 3rd 2009
Website: www.havanaheatclub.de