Herman Frank
Loyal to None
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: February 27th 2009

Shame on me!

I was actually ready to forward this promo-CD by HERMAN FRANK called ’Loyal to None’ in a hurry but no one seemed interested in reviewing it so I was stuck with it.


HERMAN FRANK could very well be a totally unknown to the younger metal fans but older fans will immediately think of ACCEPT and VICTORY.


Well... here we have his very first solo album and it is enjoyable from start to the very end. My promo-CD contain 10 tracks of traditionally heavy metal that easily can compete with both ACCEPT and VICTORY. And I was ready to forward this album...? Shame on me!


The music is very 80’s heavy metal and every song on this CD has its own identity and is strong enough to stand in its own right. Just take a listen to album opener “Moon II” that reminds me of RUNNING WILD, or the mighty “7 Stars”, the melodic but crunchy “Lord Tonight” that contain a chorus that I’ve heard somewhere before. Or what about the rolling “Metal Gods”, maybe my favourite track on the disc. The CD ends with “Welcome to Hell” that contains a riff that has SAXON written all over it.


The production is alright, the songs are great so order your copy now!


And I was ready to forward this album? Shame on me!

01. Moon II
02. 7 Stars
03. Father Buries Son
04. Heal Me
05. Hero
06. Kill The King
07. Down to the Valley
08. Lord Tonight
09. Metal Gods
10. Welcome to Hell
Label: Metal Heaven
Distribution: Germusic Promotion
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: February 9th 2009
Website: www.hermanfrank.com