Hell Comes Around - The Second Coming
Style: Various
Release date: August 29th 2009

I can’t remember that I have encountered compilations that where made on the basis of geographical belonging before this one. The 16 bands on this CD all come from the city of Odense in Denmark.
That, and the fact that they play some sort of metal music, is just about what ties these folk together.


The happy tiding is that none of the bands on the compilation are ploughed. The general level is high, although not all have the best sound. There is no doubt that the talent mass is very much present across the different styles represented.


It is not fair to judge any of the bands from just one song, but if I am to single out the ones that impress the most with the one shot they have here, I’d have to mention the following:


- Angrified for their hardcore take on a theme song for the local football team, OB, which I think is hilarious (even if I quite frankly don’t give two hoots about football)


- Grimmthurs for a round of old-school death metal in a shape and mood I like


- The technically strong AnoxiA who sound like a mix between Helloween and Mercenary


- Modra for a cool and surprising composition


- Element with their floating, Psychotic Waltz-like style of thrash with a technical broad side.

As I said, the general level of quality is high – it would do you no harm to go check this out and at the same time support the blooming Odense underground. Well done, Odense!


01. Phantomizer - Pulse

02. Unbelief - Mindless

03. Megalomania 999 - Michel de Notre Dame

04. Discrucio - Satanic Departure

05. Grimmthurs - Lifebound

06. Anoxia - Risky On the Rocks

07. Mezmerizer - Disciple of Narcissus

08. Foot To Face - Death Is Upon Us

09. Clockwork Protocol - In Unity

10. Modra - What Doesn't Kill...

11. Mindmare - Spit Of Agony

12. Fearmonger - Dia De Los Muertos

13. Gurldörl - Red Sultan

14. Stilhed - True Believer

15. Element - Tranquil Waters

16. Angrified - For Her Reger

Label: None
Promotion: Hell Comes Around
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: October 9th 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/hellcomesaround