No Sacrifice, No Victory
Style: True Metal
Release date: February 23rd 2009

When it comes to True Metal the undisputed Champion is HammerFall, the band that hit the metal scene like a nuclear bomb and singlehanded created a new genre in metal. They have set the standard ever since and it all began with their debut album 'Glory to the Brave' in 1997, an album they and everyone in the genre still tries to top.

And to make everything clear; 'No Sacrifice, No Victory' is one of their best album ever, but it is nowhere near their debut album. Besides a few line-up changes nothing has changed in Camp HammerFall - they stick to the proven formula and have created another great true metal album - no bullshit, just steel meets steel.

The sound stays the same, the songs are created using the same old, dented mould and the choirs are as grand as ever. Never change a winning team, and they never try to go beyond the boundaries they set up so long ago - and within the safe confines of true metal you won't finer representatives...

'No Sacrifice, No Victory' is superior to its processors due to a better production, better songs and is just through and through a better product. They have taken the time to work on the finer details and have created ten fine pieces of HammerFall creations; I wish they had left the cover-version at the end out. And it goes without saying that you can buy this album with no second thoughts if you are into this kind of metal.

01. Any Means Necessary
02. Life Is Now
03. Punish and Enslave
04. Legion
05. Between Two Worlds
06. Hallowed Be My Name
07. Something for the Ages
08. No Sacrifice, No Victory
09. Bring the Hammer Down
10. One of a Kind
11. My Sharona
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Distribution: VME (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 25th 2009
Website: www.hammerfall.net