Grieving Age
In Aloof Lantern, Thy Bequethed A Wailer Quietus...
Style: Doom/death
Release date: July 16th 2009

The first thing that struck me as being unusual about this release was the rather long and odd title.


Next, to find out that there are only two songs on here…but the total length of the release is still over 36 minutes!


Thirdly, it turns out that the band comes from Saudi Arabia.


There’s even room for a bit of doom/death-related name-dropping as the cover artwork and the band logo was made by Aaron of My Dying Bride and the whole thing was mixed by Dan Swanö.


Interesting, eh?


Yeah, it is, actually.


For fans of pure, slow and brutal doom I believe this is a must-try. All the right notes are played; it is grim and dark as the tarred pits of Hell. My Dying Bride is a definite source of inspiration, and for those who read this site regularly, they will know that this is not a negative comparison when it comes from yours truly.


That said, you will have noticed that the rating is not sky-high. The reasons for this are that I miss variation. Plain and simple. Singer Ahmed growls on without end, and he’s got a lot to say in his at times interestingly phrased and spelled English (‘While he’s frisking desperately, the ankles flesh cheer despondently, elects the axes!’).


Around five minutes into Therefore, A Myriad of Gargoyles Bellow Their Aborted Versicles, Quoth Thee…, there is an upbeat death metal part which is refreshing and leaves room Ahmed room for some free-styling, but, no, why run wild and do something cool and different there?


Anyway, go and judge for yourself – expect no daffodils and cheerful bunnies!


01. A Quadrennial Dame Pyres, Hearses Shall No Yawn, Thence…

02. Therefore, A Myriad of Gargoyles Bellow Their Aborted Versicles, Quoth Thee…

Label: None
Distribution: Lugga Music
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: September 5th 2009