Grave Robber
Inner Sanctum
Style: Rock'n'Metal
Release date: October 13th 2009

Grave Robber is a band on a mission. Since their last opus, ‘Be Afraid’ (2008), nothing has happened. No development, no change in sound, nothing. This is a band who think; ‘We got it! That’s the recipe!’


Grave Robber shows a lot of self-confidence and relies completely on what they do. They’re a weird mixture of Slipknot looks and Elvis/Danzig/Misfits rock’n’metal. When vocalist Wretched sings out of key – which he does quite often and most notably on the first track proper Detonation A.D – it sounds like shit, but then again, I can’t help feeling lured by the bands dark, comic book-like charm and energy.


If you’re looking for great technical skills and fusion metal par excellence, look somewhere else. This is purely entertainment – catchy, danceable rock tunes.

I believe I said something along the same lines when I reviewed ‘Be Afraid’: I would love to see this band live!

Oh, one thing: Unexpected very, very cool version of Black Sabbath's Children of the Grave at the end of the disc! Sounds a bit like a beefed up Black Sabbath fronted by Glenn Danzig.


01. Inner Sanctum
02. Detonation A.D.
03. Shadows
04. Alterede States
05. Fear No Evil
06. I'm Possessed
07. Tell Tale Hearts
08. The Night Has Eyes
09. Valley of Dry Bones
10. Men in Black
11. Hidden Track

Label: Retroactive Records
Promotion: Infinite Metal Promotion
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: December 2nd 2009