Style: Folk (Metal)
Release date: May 29th 2009

Glittertind is a one man project of Torbjorn Sandvik. The man has a huge interest in the Norwegian cultural inheritance. Most of the songs are based on stories of famous writers from the 19th century and have subjects about the barbarian periods in the past and the old Norwegian culture. 'Landkjenning' (Land-sighting) is the first album he didn't play every instrument himself. A guy called Geirmund Simonsen is also participating. Sandvik is only doing vocals and guitar this time.

Musically it is still a mix of traditional folk, punk and metal. Some songs have a punk approach, like the opener "Landkjenning" and "Longships and Mead" (with accordion). The song "Gar Min Eigen Veg" (Trudging my own Path) has nice whistling parts in it. Many traditional instruments and tunes pass by and see to it that you put up your happy face. During some songs you could get the idea to be thrown back to the past, sitting in a nice pub drinking beer and eating a steak with your bare hands.

Glittertind is in my opinion not a metal band with folk influences, but a folk band with metal and punk influences. The songs never get very heavy, but if you want a nice party with a lot of booze and dancing around on tables in a local pub, then this is the record for you.

01. landkjenning
02. Nordafjells
03. Gar Min Eigen Vig
04. Longships and Mead
05. Varder in Brann
06. Glittertind
07. Jeg Snorer Min Sekk
08. Mot Myrke Vetteren
09. Brede Seil Over Nordsjo Gar 
10. Overmate Full Av Nade
Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: June 6th 2009