Style: Black Metal
Release date: May 15th 2009

The German black metal sextuor made me almost too happy to give me a good Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi experience, and at once I cursed the sun and wanted it to start pouring rain and take land by ambush, the way we did at Lindisfarne in my youth (yeah, really). This was my first impression, still reduced by what I thought I was supposed to hear.

Since then, Ge´st hasn't hold up growing. After a curious intro, you're hooked (no spoiler). I'm now going to check their whole discography, 'cause there are really not many black metal bands of Ge´st's range.

So Galeere is a record whose musical character reminds us of the old times (although another boat type was the state of the art at the time); they obviously honour the old grandeur of the genre. 
However, Galeere doesn't only bring back the spirit of the past, it is also deeply creative and broad-minded and there are some encounters with other facets of metal all along, and a good drive.

According to the songwriter and bassist, this album is "deep sea set to music"; "it expresses the beautiful forsakenness and infinite extent of the sea as a sanctuary, but also its indominability and diversity, its threat and hostility".

Perfect your atmospheric parties, don't rush it, find the most accurate tones, never stop using the German tongue as your medium, I'd love to hear more. A quite positive experience that makes Ge´st memorable.

Mind you, it is Ge_¤_st, not Geist (another metal band from Germany).


01. Galeere
02. Einen Winter auf See
03. Durch lichtlose Tiefen
04. Helike
05. Unter toten Kapitńnen

Label: Lupus Lounge Records
Distribution: Lupus Lounge Records
Artwork rating: 95/100
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: June 2nd 2009