Gate of Sorrow
Enter Through the Gate
Style: Gothic Death Power Metal
Release date: April 2009

This Czech six-piece released their first record last month. Their first record under the name of Gate of Sorrow so to say. Before that they operated as Gate since 1997. Due to several member changes as well as style changes they decided to change their name as well.

The style they play is often described as gothic death/doom metal. The gothic is because the band has high female sometimes opera kind of vocals done by Milada Miltákova. She has a style that can be compared with Tarja and several other female gothic singers. The death part is the combination of these female vocals with the grunting of Roman Turecek. Epica and After Forever are two bands that also do that. The doom part cannot be found that easily, I would rather say that it is musically more in power metal vein.

The songs are well arranged and the vocal parts of both singers are also done very well. The keyboards and the good production make that this is a nice album to listen to. Some songs are rather fast while others are more theatrical and epic. What also counts for them is that the guitar parts are crunchy so that they do not sound not too sweet and whimpy.

If you are looking for a combination of Nightwish, Epica and some Therion, this could be the record for you this month.

01. Twilight Above Sirius (Intro)
02. Cursed Silence
03. Tears in the Ashes
04. Black Sin
05. Stay
06. My Ruins
07. Follow Me To the Other Side
08. And Back to the Evil
09. Behind the Mirror
10. Sirius (Outro)
Label: Open Media Musicrecordings
Provided by:     Gate of Sorrow
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: May 9th 2009