Gama Bomb
Tales from the Grave in Space
Style: Speed Thrash
Release date: November 5th 2009

The Irish speed-thrash rippers give you as a present their new album! But the reason is not because their third studio album “Tales from the Grave in Space” does not worth enough. This egalitarian approach of Earache Records to release the album worldwide as a free download is a way to give it away to the masses. We hope to see a hard copy with some catchy bonuses.


Gama Bomb did not betray their style. But they are not the same! Their tracks did not become longer – 3, 08’ is the “epos” of the album. Here we can find again the strong thrash riff, reminding of EXODUS. But while in “Citizen Brain” the frolic has been only a spice, the joke is the basis of the texts in “Tales from the Grave in Space”.


Obviously this has necessitated the music to be with a rather major tone and an emphasized affinity to speed-core. Because of this the songs begin to remind ANTHRAX as well. Respectively the minor gravity of a SLAYER type is left behind. The vocal’s line of Philly Byrne also follows this mood. The singing turns back to the early patterns in the speed metal like LIVING DEATH or IRON ANGEL – some falsettos enhance the texts culminations and tear to pieces the roars full of fun.


These 12 tracks, hardly overstepping half an hour, are exceptionally pleasant for listening. They carry the taste of the early speed-thrash. They are enriched from the 80’ and 90’ thrash. They have stolen some smiles from the mosh metal. But they sound as a contemporary view of a great inheritance!


There is a certain similarity among the songs, which I like, and it is possible, someone to consider it as a weakness. But in none case it can be seen as boredom. Gama Bomb have changed, but not as much as some big band names in metal. Although it is a little bit amorphous – they have their own recognizable face! This album is obligatory for all into thrash metal!


01. Slam Anthem
02. New Eliminators of Atlantis B.C.
03. Three Witches
04. Last Ninjas Unite
05. Escape From ScarecrowMountain
06. Mussolini Mosh
07. We Respect You
08. Apocalypse 1997
09. Return To BloodCastle
10. Polterghost
11. Skeletron
12. Mummy Invasion

Label: Earache Records
Promotion: Earache Records
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: November 20th 2009