Free Spirit
Pale Sister of Light
Style: Melodic Rock
Release date: February 4th 2009

Melodic ecstasy is what Free Spirit from Finland delivers on 'Pale Sister of Light', their debut album. Just to give you an idea of what to expect I would describe them as a mix between White Lion, Hardline, Van Halen, Europe, Brother Firetribe and Leverage, classic melodic rock in other words.

The album is packed with catchy and majestic melodic rock anthems; big riffs, swirling keyboards, soaring vocals and an identifiable sound. Exactly the sound that would have packed the stadiums in the 80's, and that is exactly were their influences are rooted, just transcended into this millennium and finely tuned by a very talented sextet that has all the qualities and skills to be successful in a very crowded environment.

The album blew me away, straight out of the box. But once you dig deeper you will discover all the details; the arrangements are diverse, epic and masterful, the melodies are tremendous, the orchestration and lead work is amazing; and the vocal performance of Sami Alho is out of this world.

Surely an early contender for debut album of the year, and one of the finest pieces of melodic rock you'll come across in 2009. Get it now...


01. Shadow of a Man
02. Moonlight Ride
03. Pale Sister of Light
04. Heroes Donít Cry
05. Radiant Light
06. Cry of an Eagle
07. Easy Days
08. Strangers
09. Until the Night
10. Far Away from Heaven
11. Preacher Man
Label: Carpel Music Oy Ltd.
Provided by: Free Spirit
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: April 30th 2009