Groans to the Guilty
Style: Black Metal
Release date: May 23rd 2009

Foscor, or 'darkness' in Catalan, they are here to demonstrate. The band, until relatively recently unknown to me, given its long life, has been active for twelve years and released four albums. Groans to the guilty is the experimental, avant-garde black-metal band's fifth achievement.

It got me in the mood for extreme festivals at the end of the summer. It reminded me that black-metal's not dead yet, and that some bands out there still polish the genre, with more or less conviction. Foscor's vision is of the more convincing; the band has clearly studied the black-metal world's darkest sides and they put all their efforts in the production.

Foscor was so praised by one of my mates that I fell a bit hard on the ground when I finally got to listen to them. I feel a deep originality in the background but somehow it sometimes sounds like everything else in the genre and repetitive. I think this can be the drawback of focusing too much on something your will has decided to express, no matter what.

Technically, Groans to the guilty doesn't surpass the general tendency we can experience these days, but it is definitely a record that will accompany you through the darkness of the fall. By the way, I like it that they use their mother tongue.

Get hold on the limited version right away, it might still be available.


01. Groans to the Guilty
02. The Amber Nest
03. In Case the Seasons break
04. Raids to Punishment
05. L' Hivern per a les Muses
06. La Incertesa del Plaer
07. La Vetlla
08. 'Till Water Mirrors could not see
09. Searching a Seal of Pain (The Beauty)
10. Melangia

Label: Temple of Darkness Records
Distribution: Temple of Darkness Records
Artwork rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: October 16th 2009