Style: Nordic Medieval Folk
Release date: March 27th 2009

Formed by the brothers Rimmerfors, medieval folk performers and music students back in 1995, Fejd has already released a couple of demos that have sold out; this might as well happen to their first full-length album Storm.

As a folk orchestra, Fejd embraces the whole mood of medieval rhythms, easily inviting to associate dance, tales, septentrional nature to their sound picture.
As a heavy metal-rooted band, they incorporate strong, clean vocals, as well as a deep undertone through bass and slight drums, in such a tactful way.

Storm offers a great balance between folk and heavy music. My credit goes particularly to the fact that no thick riffs cover the main tone of the record that is clearly defined as folk. This is a record without pomp, or easy heroic drive, but more a great soundtrack of ambiance.

If they keep the line, Fejd can become and stay the strongest figure in the genre; the songs in
Storm show great potential to get adapted as suits onstage, whether at metal festivals or medieval fairs.

Fejd sounds just about the way I have wished I'd heard other folk-inspired bands sound like.
Fans of Korpiklaani, Finntroll, 
Storm is for you for sure!


01. Offerök
02. Svanesång
03. Älvorna dansar
04. Vid Jore Å
05. Egils Polska
06. Storm
07. Varg i Veum
08. Äril
09. Skuld
10. Likfärd
11. Bergakungen
12. Morgenstjärnan

Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: May 12th 2009
Website: www.fejd.se