The Depths of Inhumanity
Style: Death Metal
Release date: November 24th 2009

Forget about the melodic slips of the contemporary metal, imposed upon by the peel of watermelon that In Flames placed in gender! Old school death metal is coming to overrun you with real power! There are no redundant decorations here. It is a straightforward press with no protective measures. It is a powerful death metal revelation with no excuses… Fatalist’s “The Depths of Inhumanity”!


Forget about the chaotic battle of Cannibal Corpse! Old school death metal is coming to overrun you with strong riffs and remains from the last brutal impersonations of the thrash. The influences from thrash are even emphatic and the old-school trend wields the scepter!


Forget about the intellectual wanderings of Nile or of the late Death! Old school death metal is coming to tread you on rhythmically and methodically by a mix of tempos. No one is going to lead you through innovative paths, and makes you understand how much you have been deviated from the main road.


The sound of Fatalist is borrowed by Grave and Dismember. The band did not hide this – heavy guitars, treading riff, no compromise with the compositions. The result is a compact thick sound. The only fellow-countrymen from who Fatalist could be influenced are Malevolent Creation.


Fatalist have a gothic logo without needless fantasy. The album cover of “The Depths of Inhumanity” is one of the best artworks which could be seen in metal!!!


We have 11 tracks with duration about an hour. These four men have thrown overboard the pose. Their music is pure death metal! And any praise would impair the genuine identity of “The Depths of Inhumanity”.


01. Frozen Epitaph
02. Internal Misery
03. Morbid Derangement
04. Contamination
05. Death Will Remain
06. Homicidal Epitaph
07. Impulse to Kill
08. Life Deploration
09. Enthralled by Pain
10. The Depths of Inhumanity
11. Rivers of Blood

Label: Ibex Moon Records
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Artwork rating: 95/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: November 29th 2009