Enemy of Myself
The Fury
Style: Death Metal and more
Release date: November 11th 2008

At first I wasnít too keen on this album by Spanish Enemy of Myself. Itís been stuck on my PCís and in the car for a long time (yes, I know, the label will probably say thatís itís been way too long Ė sorry!).


Something told me that I ought to like it, donít know why.


The band has labelled itself melodic death metal, but that isnít the label I would stick on to their music. Well, fair enough, itís that too, however itís also punk-ish in the metalcore way and even holds elements of something I can best define as emo (even though the bandís probably going to kill me for that remark).


Now I believe Iíve cracked it. It took some time, but ĎThe Furyí has worked its way under my skin and has grown into an album that I really enjoy. Enemy of Myself without a doubt holds a lot of talent.


ĎThe Furyí has versatility, both in terms of the music and the vocal performance Ė growls, screams, clean voice, groove, melody, solos, artificial harmonics en masse and even acoustic guitar, itís got a shitload of good stuff, the entire thing just had to sort of fall into place for me.


Iím glad it did Ė you go ahead and try it.


01. Whirlwinds And Tornadoes

02. For Time Immortal

03. As She Sleeps

04. Corpse Flies

05. Eternal Torment

06. The Fury Within

07. Evil Heredity

08. Poisoned Arrows

09. When It Rains

10. Scar

Label: Noisehead
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: September 14th 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/enemyofmyself