Earth Crisis
To the Death
Style: NY Hardcore
Release date: April 20th 2009

I must say…the godfathers of straight edge NY hardcore are back with a vengeance.

No thrills attached, just plain and hard as bones hardcore right in the gut is what you get here, but delivered with such a tough-as-nails conviction and experience that you can only beat your chest in respect.

With bombshell tracks as Control Through Fear and To The Death there is no rest for the mosher. Not that Earth Crisis lets your ears rest with the rest of this album. They don't.

'nuff said: One to check out – a must for hardcore fans!


01. Against the Current
02. To Ashes
03. So Others Live
04. Security Threat # 1
05. When Slaves Revolt
06. Plague Bearers
07. Control Through Fear
08. Cities Fall
09. Eye of Babylon
10. What Horrifies
11. The The Death

Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: May 16th 2009