Style: Progressive Thrash Metal
Release date: 2008

Dynahead from Brazil is an aggressive and progressive thrash monster. Progressive in the same sense that the latest Machine Head album 'The Blackening' was progressive and aggressive the way we are used to from bands like Fear Factory and Nevermore.

And that is exactly where they have situated themselves, somewhere in between those bands, not that remote from Nevermore the most. But they are nowhere near as tight, the breaks are not as precise and razor-sharp and the vocals are only decent at best.

All beginnings are tough, and Dynahead still has some way to go, but the ideas are there, now they just need to work a bit on the execution and grow stronger and better as a unit. 'Antigen' is a good building block, but to really impress a wider audience they need to work on the melody-lines, be tighter and more independent.

01. Clockwork I
02. Layers of Days
03. Virtual Twin
04. Tactile Haven
05. Join and Surrender
06. Bloodish Eyes
07. Depart Now
08. Do You Feel Cleansed?
09. Vosicht!
10. The Starry Messenger
Label: Self Released
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 28th 2009
Website: www.dynahead.com.br