Dying Fetus
Killing on Adrenaline (Re-release)
Style: Death Metal
Release date: September 15th 2008

Sometimes you sit there and regret the things you didnít do. I, for one, regret that I did not pick up Dying Fetusí third album, ĎKilling in Adrenalineí back in 1998. So, hooray for re-releases!


Bluntly put, this is one motherf*cker of a death metal album. It has a perfect balance of groove and technicality that sounds fresh even in this day and age.


Just check out the death metal epic Procreate the Malformed. Phenomenal music!


Itís warm, itís groovy, itís brutal as f*ck.


There is one drawback, and, sadly, it happens to be a major one: I HATE the snare drum sound! And there is, needless to say, a lot of snare drum on this album.


BUT, if you have made the same mistake as I and not listened to this album a decade ago, then do it now!


P.S. Do not buy the album for the DVD bonus disc. The material on there is of fairly poor quality both sound and image wise. You should probably have been thereÖ


01. Killing on Adrenaline
02. Procreate the Malformed
03. Fornication terrorist
04. We are your Enemy
05. Kill your mother/Rape your dog
06. Absolute Defiance
07. Judgement Day
08. Internal Manslaughter

Label: Displeased Records
Distribution: Displeased Records
Artwork rating: 56/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: March 13th 2009
Website: www.dyingfetus.com