Style: Alternative metal/Art-core
Release date: January 25th 2010

If you like to put label on bands, to classify creations into music styles, sub-styles and even sub-sub-styles, allow me to introduce Dioramic from Kaiserslautern as an Art-Core trio, swimming into troubled waters where cool pop-rock meets aggressive modern metal-hardcore.

You can translate this to onomatopoeia language, something like: “boobidoo… BAOOOOM!!!… tadidooda… VRAOOOOM!!!… tralalaaa... KRRRRRRRR!!!... diling diling… AAAAAARGH!!!” if you see what I mean.

Melodic singing with smooth arpeggios, then screaming and growling with distortion: the ingredients and the mixtures are known.
So “Technicolor” is not as weird as it seems.


The recipe is still original with lots of ideas, changes, breaks, bridges. But you still have real choruses and solid song’s structures, even a bass interlude (“The Lone Gunman”). So “Technicolor” is not as chaotic as it seems.


My humble preference goes to “Black Screen Goodbye”, “Eluding the Focus“ and “Lukewarm Remains “, but if this kind of judgement is often subjective by definition, it is especially the case here. Anybody a little bit open-minded can find a lot in Dioramic’s music. So “Technicolor” is not as elitist as it seems.

So enjoy!


01. Ghosts in the Machine

02. Black Screen Goodbye

03. The Antagonist

04. Eluding the Focus

05. Arms of Poseidon

06. The Lone Gunman

07. Lost in Error

08. Lukewarm Remains

09. Doom

10. Roses & Echoes

11. Debris

Label: LifeForce Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Philippe Leconte
Date: December 13th 2009