Style: Death Metal
Release date: August 31st 2009

When you hear people talk about Dutch death metal, they mention God Dethroned, Pestilence, Hail of Bullets, Asphyx and Callenish Circle. Insiders however know that you must not forget to name Devious as well. Their second release 'Domain' proved to be a very good album. Vocalist on that album Coen Tabak has left the band and was replaced by original vocalist Arnold Oude Middendorp.

In February 2009 Devious started recording this, their third full-length, which was mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs (Textures) at Split Second Sound Studios. Everyone familiar with the sound of Textures own records know that Jochem is capable of doing an excellent job.

"Heritage of the Reckless" is immediately a shot between the eyes; fast blast beats, groovy heavy guitar riffs and some melody combined into a good song. Especially the tempo changes and the sometimes unexpected musical changes with a very soft and subtle keyboard sound underneath make this a nice song.

The strength of Devious is that they sound very brutal, but don't forget to implement some resting points too. The grunting fits perfectly to the music and with "Impulse Overload" they have written perhaps their best songs so far - this song has an excellent groovy, thrashy riff that sticks in your head. This must be a nice song to bang your head to live.

Now that Gorefest has called it a day, there must be a giant gap that can be filled up by these sympathetic Dutch guys. If you still think death metal is boring, you haven't heard 'Vision' yet!

01. Heritage of the Reckless
02. False Identity
03. Respiration of Fear
04. Abide
05. Impulse Overload
06. Predefined
07. Validate
08. Disconnect
Label: Deity Down Records
Provided by: Deity Down Records 
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: September 23rd 2009