Despised Icon
Day of Mourning
Style: Death metal / Grindcore/ Metalcore
Release date: September 21st 2009

The Canadian band DESPISED ICON is back with another CD and itís my first close encounter with them and their music. ĎDay of Mourningí is the title, and they provide us with a mix of brutal death metal, grindcore and metalcore.


We get 10 tracks and 35 minutes of pure metal here. What I do like about this album is that they are all handling their instruments well, and are quite technical at times. And when they press the pedal to the metal they could easily scare the living shit out of your wife, girlfriend and your kids.


So you can imagine that Iím more into their faster songs than when they shifts and go all metalcore on me. Then they suddenly sound repetitive and a bit boring in my humble opinion. Sorry, but I have already heard every single riff that metalcore bands have to offer (I think). Nothing REALLY stands out. But do have in mind that, Iím probably not the right one to review an album like this. I prefer pure, brutal death metal/grindcore... and am quite sick of all that modern metalcore stuff.


We get growls... we get the familiar aggressive vocals... (surprise). And once again I really dig when they go all death metal... but the aggressive metalcore vocals are a bit annoying in the long run in my humble opinion.


This is an album that could find its way into my CD-player from time to time... but Iím still left a bit disappointed.


Check it out and be your own judge.

01. Les Temps Changent
02. Day Of Mourning
03. MVP
04. All For Nothing
05. Eulogy
06. Made Of Glass
07. Black Lungs
08. Diva Of Disgust
09. Entra Le Bien Et Le Mal
10. Sleepless
Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 68/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: August 29th 2008