Style: Death Metal
Release date: May 15th 2009

Perhaps Demonical aren’t Götter des Nordens (Gods of the North) per se, but the sound that flows out of my speakers could very well stem from the hammer of the thunder god himself, heavy and bombastic as is, much like that of the imminent ‘Clandestine’ by their fellow Swedes Entombed.

Servants of the Unlight’ (2007) was a delightful call to arms for many fans of Swedish death metal. The war cry thus continues on the second release from the dark and brutal quartet, this time with a new vocalist, Sverker Widgren, who replaced Ludvig Engellau in 2007. Sverker does a terrific job, I must say.

This is no-crapping-around-the-bush-and-bang-your-fucking-heads death metal flown right out of the early nineties. Crushing guitars, the Entombed/Dismember out of this world bass sound and a severe punishment of the drums plus Sverker’s growl from hell.

Death Metal Darkness is what it is. Music to kill pop stars to.

Go get, boys and girls!


01. Baptized in Fire
02. World Serpent
03. Infernal Void
04. Bloodridden
05. Götter des Nordens
06. Children of Sin
07. Death Metal Darkness
08. Bow to the Monolith
09. Hellsworn

Label: Cyclone Empire
Distribution: Sure Shot-Worx
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: June 18th 2009