Blaze and Ashes
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: November 13th 2009

From the info sheet: "The concept album “Blaze & Ashes” is based on Wolfgang Hohlbein’s continuation of his successful fantasy novels “Chronicle of the Immortal”. The adventures take place in London and are wrapped up in an exciting and emotional rock album. The main book actors Andrey, Abu Dun, Inspector Marcus, Frederic, Loki and Meruhe are spectacularly played to the gallery by the singers! Dennis Ward was once again responsible for a brilliant mix and mastering!"

Portraying the characters are Lana Lane, David Readman and Davy Vain, and the music is performed by Jamie Scott (Lead and rhythm guitars, Vain), Volker Leson (Bass, Wizard), Dano Boland (Rhythm guitars), Tommy Rickard (Drums) and Erik Norlander contributes with a keyboards on "Love Tears". The concept was conceived by Volker Leson and Davy Vain, who are also responsible for the music. Davy Vein has produced the album together with engineer Peter Weigel.

So the set-up is in place, and for most parts we get some good hard rock with some great vocal performances, along with some cool guitar leads, but there a few songs that don't reach the same level as the rest and the production could be a lot better, so all in all it's a solid pieces of hard rock. Highlights include: "Blood and Ashes", "Web over London", "Eternity is yours" and "London Bridge", so do give a listen or two and be your own judge... and the album does win a little with each spin.


01. Blood and Ashes
02. Here Comes Lonely
03. Love Tears
04. Incarnation
05. Web over London
06. Eternity is yours
07. Planets Turning
08. Shadow on Your Heart
09. Distance of Love
10. Dead Undead
11. London Bridge

Label: Music Buy Mail
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: November 5th 2009
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