Out of Body Experience
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Release date: February 23rd 2009

I had the pleasure of reviewing ”Til Death Do Us Apart’ by DEGRADEAD in 2008 and I really liked it.. and still do.


Now the Swedes are back with a brand new album called ‘Out of Body Experience. 14 tracks of pure melodic death metal/thrash-core metal with quite catchy choruses mostly done in the Gothenburg way. The vocals shifts from aggressive to almost thrash-core like vocals, to clean vocals, and back again.


‘Out of Body Experience' needs a few spins to sink in but after a couple of spins you feel the music creeping up on you and you discover one great riff after another... peppered with a guitar squeal here and then. Just take a listen to tracks such as; “Depth of Darkness”, “The Burning Orchid”, “Dream” and you know what I fucking mean. Another track worth mentioning is the album-closer “Unfortunate” that track also contains excellent guitar runs that most bands would die for. But well... there’s not one single weak track to be found on this release in my humble opinion and even the production is top notch.


‘Out of Body Experience’ is perfect for you if you’re into bands such as; Disarmonia Mundi, Scar Symmetry, Fear my Thoughts, Descending, Kill the Romance among others.


Good buy :)

01. All Is Gone
02. Wake The Storm
03. Archieve The Sky
04. Everlasting Hatred
05. Depths Of Darkness
06. U.X.R.
07. Future Is Now
08. Transmigration
09. The Burning Orchid
10. Almost Dead
11. Dream
12. Illusion
13. Suffering
14. Unfortunate
Label: Dockyard 1
Distribution: Dockyard 1
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 8th 2009