A Call to Arms
Style: Groovy Modern (Thrash) Metal
Release date: 2008

As many, Deflagration started playing cover songs and gigging endlessly in an effort to hone their musical skills. In 2002 they released their debut album 'The Pain You Can't Forget'. After several member changes the band started in early 2008 to work on 'A Call To Arms'.

I haven't heard the debut, so I can't say if there is any progress or difference from that one. This album is full of songs that groove, move and are very heavy and angry sounding. It's raw, rough, powerful and the songs are o.k. Fortunately the band doesn't use too many clean vocals and sticks to the hardcore screaming and grunting ones. Deflagration are influenced by Machine Head, Down, Pantera and also several modern thrash(core) combo's and forms it into their own groovy and heavy swampy songs. On occasion they calm down like in the song "Idol Eyes". This song has clean singing and shows that the band is also capable of writing more commercial stuff. Halfway through the song explodes and ends as a heavy motherf*cker.  When it comes to song writing, this is the best song.

A good second album from this band out of Findlay, Ohio. With a record company behind them and an further development of their own style they could be something to keep an eye on in the future. I can imagine that there will be a lot of people jumping up and down when Deflagration plays their songs on a big festival. If bands such as Down and Machine Head have gotten this far, why not Deflagration also?

01. Relentless
02. Heavy Lefty
03. Chainlink Hammerhead
04. A Call To Arms
05. Idol Eyes
06. Split Wide
07. Color an Ash
08. Bleed the Line
09. So There I Was
10. Aint No Different
11. Vile Chrome Bastard Machine 
Label: Crackhouse Music
Provided by: Deflagration
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: May 17th 2009