Rockers and War
Style: Death metal / hardrock
Release date: April 3rd 2009

Exactly one year ago I reviewed 'Continue to Kill' and I wasn't that excited about the record. I was very surprised to have the follow-up so fast and I expected the worst when I turned on my stereo. To my surprise the first song "There is Only War" is very brutal and has some new elements. Debauchery introduced some keyboard parts into their music and it doesn't make things worse.

Halfway through the record somewhere around during "Wolves of the North" I begin to believe that Debauchery finally has learned what takes to make a good death metal record. On the last album I described them as the AC/DC of the death metal, but they changed and I like this more. But................

The seventh song begins and I can't believe what I hear. Indeed, "3 Riff Hit" is a song very AC/DC-like. Why rape a death metal record with simple hard rock songs? My worst nightmare comes true, and the rest of the songs are no death metal, but pure and simple easy riffing AC/DC-like rockers. Don't get me wrong, AC/DC has good songs and is very enjoyable, but I don't need another band that tries to do the same! It is as if this is a split-record, with two completely different bands on it.

Reason for doing this is because last year the band asked their fans to vote how the new Debauchery CD should sound. The band claims that the fans voted for this strange combination. At least it is clear to me now, I'm definitely not one of them. The first six songs I would have given a rating of 75 points, but with the last 5 songs on the album, I come to the average rating above.

01. There is Only War
02. Primordial Annihalator
03. Honour and Courage
04. Savage Mortician
05. Killing Ground
06. Wolves of the North
07. 3 Riff Hit
08. New Rock
09. Hammer of the Blood God
10. Demon Lady
11. Rocker
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 5th 2009