Satan's Gift (Riders of Doom)
Style: Teutonic thrash/speed metal
Release date: December 13th 2008
Raging Steel
Style: Teutonic thrash/speed metal
Release date: December 13th 2008

Deathrow was one of the frontrunners of aggressive Teutonic thrash/speed metal back in 1986. Together with Kreator and Destruction they built a formidable spearhead that pawed the way for many in many cases inferior bands to follow.

'Riders of Doom' was released one before Deathrow became Deathrow. But it wasn't until Noise Records decided to pick them up and change their name from Samhain to Deathrow and re-title the album from 'Satan's Gift' to 'Riders of Doom' that a wider audience took notice to them. 'Riders of Doom' was followed a year later by 'Raging Steel', in my opinion their best and most compete album.

What set Deathrow apart from most of the other bands was their ability to be aggressive and violent and at the same time technical. They were clearly one of the better technical thrash bands from Germany and it shone through their songs.

These re-releases is not just for hard-core fans! They show a band with talent that sadly went under in the massive release-flow that we saw in the late 80s, a band that times surely have long passed by, but as representatives for a certain time period they can stand proud, because both albums belong to best in the genre at the time.

Satan's Gift (Riders of Doom)

01. Winds Of Death
02. Satan's Gift
03. Riders Of Doom
04. Hell's Ascent
05. Spider Attack
06. Slaughtered
07. Violent Omen
08. Dark Tales
09. Samhain

Samhain - The Lord of the Dead
(Demo I)

10. Hell's Ascent (Bonus track)
11. Samhain (Bonus track)
12. Riders of Doom (Bonus track)

Raging Steel

01. The Dawn
02. Raging Steel
03. Scattered by the Wind
04. Dragon's Blood
05. The Thing Within
06. Pledge To Die
07. Mortal Dread
08. The Undead Cry
09. Beyond the Light

Samhain - Eternal Death
(Demo II)

10. Intro (Bonus track)
11. Slaughtered (Bonus track)
12. Violent Omen (Bonus track)
Riders Of Doom (Bonus track)
14. Samhain (Bonus track)

Label: Displeased Records
Provided by: Displeased Records
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: April 7th 2009
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