Kill Division
Style: Thrash metal
Release date: June 15th 2008

Before Displeased releases Deadhead's new album 'Depression Tank' in 2009, they decided to re-release their third album 'Kill Division' in 2008. Of course remastered and with bonus tracks. Originally it was released in 1999, but the recordings are some years older. Due to a split up, the record was put on a shelf for several years.

Personally I do not think this is their best album, but with their high standard it isn't same as saying that the album is bad. Musically it can be described as a combination of their first 'The Feast Begins at Dawn' and their second 'Dream Deceiver'. That second one was much more technical, melodic and structured than the first. Their debut was full-speed ahead over the top Kreator with a so so production. 'Kill Division' can be parked somewhere in between. 'Dream Deceiver' had a rather good production, this record can not compete with it, but isn't as bad as their first either.

Fans of the band should already have this record in their collection, but even for them the bonus part of this disc is very interesting. There are 9 bonus live-tracks, recorded at a gig in Zwolle, Holland, February 24th 2006. The gig sounds rather good and gives a good impression of how the band performs live on stage. The following songs pass us by: Kill Division, Cold Being, Supreme Forgery, In Your Room, Phantom Palace, Unholy, Mesfeken, The Festering and Until the Sun Appears.

I don't rate a re-release and won't compare it with albums recorded by modern days standards, but back in 1999 the record would have gotten a sufficient mark and with the re-release you get the live-tracks as a bonus.

01. Kill Division
02. Cold Being
03. Waste of Skin
04. Six
05. Mahler
06. Sprayed into Oblivion
07. Wings on Fire
08. Where Silence Dwells
09. The Hustler
10. Until the Sun Appears
11. Souls of Ice
12. Heavy Metal Thunder
13. Live Zwolle, Holland (bonus)
Label: Displeased Records
Provided by: Displeased Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: February 12th 2009