Dead Means Nothing
Nothing of Devinity
Style: Rock 'n' Metal
Release date: May 22nd 2009

DEAD MEANS NOHTING? Never heard of them before... but they rocks! I have seen them described as a metal-core or a death metal band... LOL... nothing is further from the truth. As least not when it comes to this album called ‘Nothing of Devinity’ recorded back in 2006.


No we get 11 tracks of a mix between Motörhead and Ramones and every single song (except for one) rocks. The gritty and dirty guitars are packed with catchy riffs and you’ll be singing along to tracks such as; “Teenage Punkrock”, “Back In Town”, Fuck Yourself”, “Ya Mama Don’t Like Me” and the excellent Motörhead cover “Going To Brazil” in no time.


This album is perfect for a huge biker party... this album is perfect for any party.´This album will hit you in your face and knock you over... at least if you like this kind of music. I know I do.


Go and get it now. 

01. Missing Honey
02. Thy Will Be Done
03. Teenage Punkrock
04. Nothing Of Devinity
05. Back In Town
06. Becoming
07. Fuck Yourself
08. Paroled
09. Wishlist
10. Ya Mama Don't Like Me
11. Going To Brazil (Motörhead Cover)
Label: SAOL / H' Art
Distribution: CMM GmbH
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 22nd 2009