Dawn of Demise
Lacerated EP
Style: Death Metal
Release date: January 12th 2009

I like it when people live up to my expectations.
‘Hate Takes Its Form’ was my ‘debut of the year’ in our writer’s poll (see elsewhere on this site) because its ultra-tight mixture of Nevermore and Suffocation got right to me. The brutality goes on, thank god (or satan).

To fill up the wait for the follow-up to their sophomore piece of heaviness, Dawn of Demise have decided to cut an EP with two new songs and cover versions of three genre classics.

The two new DOD tracks, Extinction Seems Imminent and Riddin With Disgust, are hammers in the same vein as the tunes of death on ‘Hate Takes Its Form’. Breaks, time changes, tight shit, heavy shit. The heavy touring over the past year hasn’t made the band less tight, that much I can tell.

The cover tunes are treats, fair and square. Suffocation’s Infecting the Crypts, At the Gates’ ‘Blinded by Fear’ and Obituary’s Twisted Inside Out are given the DOD treatment.

As a bonus, the CD includes the videos for Hate Takes Its Form and Extinction Seems Imminent.

The EP is a cool titbit for fans of technical, arse-tight death metal – but let’s have a full-length soon, guys!


1) Extinction Seems Imminent

2) Ridden With Disgust

3) Infecting The Crypts ( Suffocation Cover)

4) Blinded By Fear (At The Gates Cover)

5) Turned Inside Out (Obituary Cover)

6) Hate Takes Its Form - Video

7) Extinction Seems Imminent - Video

Label: DeepSend Records
Distribution: DeepSend Records
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: February 1st 2009
Website: www.dawnofdemise.dk