Dawn of Tears
Dark Chamber Litanies
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Release date: March 2009

DAWN OF TEARS is a melodic almost symphonic death metal band from Spain and have released 2 demo CD’s and one full length album, “Descent” (2007).


Now they are back with a 5 track EP called ‘Dark Chamber Litanies’ and must tip my hat to what they have to offer with this release. Sound and style wise they are a mix of several bands such as; Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and a few others, but they have managed to stay true to themselves and they have their own way of doing it.


Every song has something to offer and they have recorded 5 catchy tunes with perfectly fitting vocals and complemented by piano and orchestral passages that provide the tracks with splashes of colour. Every song has splendid guitar runs and melodies that I just can get out of my head. How come I have never heard of this band before?


Every time this CD/EP is done I press play again and I can’t wait for their next release. they plan to record their second full length album in autumn 2009.


My only complaint is the drumming that is a bit repetitive at times and the production that could have been a bit better. However I still enjoy every single note of this EP.


I tip my hat to the band.


01. Cadent Beating
02. Since They're Gone
03. Winds of Despair
04. As My Autumn Whiters
05. Mr. Jarrod

Label:  -
Distribution: Lugga Music Productions
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: June 3rd 2009
Website: www.dawnoftears.com