Altered Reflections
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: February 8th 2010

"Altered Reflections" is a stunning debut album from Texas based Darkology, but looking at the participants it really doesn't come as a big surprise. Long serving members of the Texan metal scene makes up the line-up: vocalist Kelly Sundown Carpenter with a background in Outworld and most of you might know him from his contribution on the second Beyond Twilight album "Section X", drummer Brian Harris (Solstice, ex-Firewind and Vainglory) and his brother, guitarist Michael Harris (Thought Chamber, Zanister, Surgeon, Arch Rival) and bass player Mike Neal are the pieces of Darkology.

Darkology is a hybrid of classic heavy metal, power metal, Bay Area thrash and progressive metal, and like so many other representatives from Texas they do no try to fit any trend. Their Influences comes from many corners of metal: Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Dream Theater, Nevermore and Beyond Twilight are the ones I think have had the biggest influence on their style and sound, and as strange as this brew might sound, I must say I am very impressed with the outcome.

Sundown is clearly not everyone's case, but I think he is a brilliant addition to their sound and his style works very well with the complex and atmospheric song structures. This is hard and heavy, mixed up with some very atmospheric parts with some reminiscence of King Diamond, acoustic parts, all out thrash parts and peppered with some awesome lead parts and you are at no point bored - actually it is at times rather hard to keep up with them.

"Altered Reflections" is an incredible debut album from one of the most intriguing new progressive metal bands, and I can strongly recommend it to open-minded metal fans.


01. Microcozm (0:26)
02. Violent Vertigo (5:54)
03. I Bleed (6:05)
04. Dark Energy (7:04)
05. Nobot (5:07)
06. Eyes of Argus (5:49)
07. Aura of Xhad (6:03)
08. Alone (5:07)
09. Revitalize (4:00)
10. Trance of the Gorgons (9:12)

Label: Rock-a-holics Records
Distribution: Rock-a-holics Records
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: December 19th 2009
Website: www.darkology.com