Darkness By Oath
Fear Yourself
Style: Death Metal
Release date: March 27th 2009

The second effort from Spanish Darkness By Oath, ‘Fear Yourself’, is all in all a tightly played, powerful and decent offering.


I am impressed by their power and brutality which borders on black metal and metalcore without really becoming either.


What I do lack, on the other hand, is a red thread throughout the album and really good song-writing. The songs never quite manage to creep under my skin. I basically need those two earworms that you at least need to have to hit it home with me.

Try it out – Darkness By Oath could be just your thing, who knows.


Slightly unusual and rather cool website for a metal band, by the way…


01. Fear Yourself

02. Pieces

03. My Own Mind

04. Kingdom Of Denial

05. Echoes Of Silence

06. Nothing To Say

07. Bleeding For My Sins

08. I Escape From

09. New Dawn

10. Solution In 9mm

Label: Cyclone Empire
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: June 10th 2009
Website: www.darknessbyoath.com